Credit: Caves Administration of the Czech Republic

Moravsky Kras Caves Will Host A Series of Concerts From 5-9 June

For the 25th year, the cave system at Moravsky Kras will play host to a cycle of concerts during the next week. The jubilee will be celebrated through five evening concerts, the Magical Tones of Macocha, from 5 to 9 June, starting every day at 6 pm.

The number of places is limited due to the capacity of the individual cave spaces, and tickets for some concerts have already sold out.

“Due to the maximum temperature of between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius in the caves, and the high humidity, it is recommended to wear sufficiently warm clothes,” warned Lubomír Přibyl, director of the Czech Cave Administration (SJ ČR). 

The first concert, by the historical folk group Hradišťan & Jiří Pavlica, will take place in Výpustek cave near Křtiny, on Wednesday 5 June.

“For such an important anniversary, we have prepared a really varied program this year,” explained Josef Matoušek from the organising agency FCT. ”Hradišťan is a unique musical group with a high artistic and interpretive level, with an unusually wide range of genres and an unconventional concept of folk music.” 

On Thursday 6 June, Vojtěch Dyk will also play in Výpustek, with piano accompaniment and a repertoire of original and adapted Czech and foreign songs in the pop, chanson, musical and classical genres. This show is already sold out. 

“We strongly advise all ticket holders to arrive as early as possible, because it will not be possible to park directly at the Výpustek cave,” said Hana Horáková, head of the company which takes care of Výpustek cave. “The organiser promised to provide parking in nearby Křtiny and shuttle bus transportation from Křtiny to the cave.” 

Výpustek caves will also be the venue for another concert on 7 June, when Lucie Bílá, Petr Malásek & the Boni Pueri boys’ choir will perform. The concert will feature many famous melodies and hits with different vibes: party moments, love and well-being.

On Saturday 8 June, the program will move from Křtiny to the Mirror Lake in the Punkevní caves, right in the centre of the Moravian Karst. Jaroslav Svěcený, violinist, popularizer and promoter of classical music, and pianist Lucía Karlová will offer a gala concert of romance set in the karst caves. The repertoire will include Dvořák, Brahms, John Williams, Rachmaninov, Massenet, Georg Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein.

For the journey to the Punkevní caves, it is possible to reserve transportation at least 40 minutes earlier, either by cable car from the parking lot at the Macocha abyss or by tourist train from Skalní mlýn.

During the last evening of the event, on Sunday 9 June, the Spirituál Kvartet will close this year’s Magical Tones of Macocha, performing an already sold-out exhibition concert inside the Sloupsko-Šošův caves. 

“This quartet directly follows the legendary folk band Spirituál Quintet. Spirituals will be played – gospels, world folk repertoires and folk songs,” explained Josef Matoušek.

More information about the program and ticket options can be found here. The route to the caves is described on the website

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