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NASA Space Mission Exhibition Has Landed In Brno

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The Space Mission exhibition opened on 15 March in Pavilion C of the Brno Exhibition Centre, and will run until 1 September. 

Realised in cooperation with NASA and the Cosmosphere educational centre and Museum, the exhibition is a great chance for space enthusiasts to explore the history of space exploration, starting from the imaginary travel in the novel From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne, up until the present-day space telescope launches, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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A large part of the exhibition is dominated by the Cold War Space Race, the Apollo missions, and the international cooperation that led to the launching of the International Space Station. The most remarkable exhibits presented are without a doubt some of the original objects that returned from space missions or were used during astronaut training, including personal equipment, a laptop, spacesuits, and even an F-1 rocket engine that was part of a Saturn V rocket and was found in 2013 at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where it was lying since 1969.

Apart from these original items, many carefully crafted models accurately reproduce the interior of shuttles, rockets, rovers, and even walk-through space stations, allowing the visitors to visualise effectively how they are made.

Credit: PR Soup.

The final part of the exhibition, called “Space Camp”, presents Virtual Reality exhibits and a gyroscope that allows the visitors, especially younger ones, to entertain themselves in immersive games aimed at simulating an astronaut experience.

The exhibition is open from 9am-7pm (with the last entry at 6pm) and the entry fee starts from CZK 200.

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