Unveiling the Enchantment of Žlutý Kopec Reservoirs: A New Opening on World Water Day

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In their full splendor, all three Žlutý Kopec Reservoirs, alongside the visitor center and revitalized park, will open to the public on World Water Day, 22 March.

The official inauguration on 21 March, attended by representatives of the City of Brno, will precede the public opening. Throughout the subsequent weekend, visitors will be treated to captivating audiovisual installations, illuminating the reservoirs in a dazzling display.

Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, highlighted the sensitive reconstruction overseen by architect David Prudík, which rendered two reservoirs accessible to individuals with disabilities. Currently undergoing inspections by relevant state authorities, the area is poised for operational readiness pending building approvals.

Originally constructed in 1874, 1894, and 1917 to fortify Brno’s water supply, the Žlutý Kopec reservoirs remained operational until 1997. Since the provisional opening of the first reservoir in 2020, coinciding with their accolade as Tourist News of the Year, they have emerged as one of Brno’s premier tourist attractions, with sold-out tours underscoring the significance of the nearly CZK 150 million investment. Until March 2022, visitors could explore only one reservoir, yet despite operational restrictions, nearly 32,000 visitors have experienced the reservoirs’ charm since their 2020 unveiling.

Following extensive reconstruction in autumn 2022, the first reservoir reopened alongside a newly added brick reservoir, while efforts commenced to make the third concrete two-chamber reservoir accessible and to revitalize the former guard’s house.

With renovations driving increased visitor numbers, a new operational regime will commence in March, welcoming guests from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Visitors can opt for guided or self-guided tours, aided by audio guides available in multiple languages or informative brochures. Ticket reservations and purchases will be facilitated online, at TIC BRNO info centers, and on-site.

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