Luzanky swimming pool. Credit: Brno City Municipality

City of Brno Supports Elite Sports With CZK 170 Million Boost for Athletes and Facilities

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Brno City Council has approved CZK 170 million in funding for top-tier sports and the maintenance of sports facilities. The allocation of subsidies for sports and the operation of Brno’s sports grounds was approved by councillors earlier this week, pending confirmation by the city assembly (zastupitelstvo).

“The city is earmarking CZK 110 million for ‘elite sports’, which is a CZK 20 million increase from last year,” said Tomáš Aberl, Brno city councillor for sports. “This augmented funding aims to assist clubs in upholding sports standards in Brno at a high level, making it particularly appealing for young and aspiring athletes. The subsidy is designated for clubs participating year-round in the premier Czech competitions or long-term national championships in the adult category, including disabled athletes.” The funds will be distributed among 77 applicants who have met all required criteria.

At the same time, councillors endorsed a subsidy for the operation of sports grounds amounting to CZK 57.5 million. This funding will be shared among 101 Brno sports clubs, covering a range of facilities including pitches, sports halls, swimming pools, and athletics tracks.

In 2024, team sports including football, ice hockey, basketball, handball, and volleyball are set to benefit from this funding. Individual sports such as athletics, tennis, cycling, badminton, figure skating, and combat sports will also receive subsidies.

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