Suggested detour.

City of Brno Suggests 7 Kilometre Diversion For 200-Metre Road Closure

The recently imposed closures on Brno’s roads are expected to create significant challenges for drivers travelling from Kulkova to Rokytova, particularly in the vicinity of the construction works for the outer city ring road (Velky mestsky okruh).

Typically, this section takes only a few seconds for drivers, but due to the recent changes, the same route will now take several minutes, and in the event of traffic issues, road users may find themselves waiting for extended periods, possibly tens of minutes.

“Of course, the official detour routes are completely impractical, and one would have to drive halfway across Brno because of them. There was supposed to be a temporary traffic light and the cancellation of the prescribed directions,” said one commenter on Facebook.

The official detour for the recently closed 200-metre section of Kulkova will redirect drivers onto an approximately seven-kilometre alternative route. The closure of Kulkova is scheduled to last nearly five months, from Monday, 8 January to 31 May.

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