Irish Dance Spectacular ‘Rhythm of the Dance’ Comes To The Czech Republic For The First Time

Rhythm of the Dance is heading to the Czech Republic for the first time as part of its 25th anniversary world tour. Credit: Rhythm of the Dance.

Brno, Oct 6 (BD) – The spectacular showcase of Irish dance and music, Rhythm of the Dance, is heading to the Czech Republic for the first time as part of its 25th anniversary world tour, with performances in Brno, Ostrava and Prague in November.

Irish dancing is popular not only across Europe, but also in the United States, where Irish immigrants had a strong influence on the development of popular country music in the 19th century with their traditional music and dancing. 

However, the origin of Irish dance and music dates back 2,000 years, when the ancient Celts left a unique cultural imprint on Ireland which continues to this day. The Rhythm of the Dance stage-show is based on these ancient traditions, and thus provides an experience of real Ireland with its temperament, rhythm, traditional singing, and above all bravura tap dance numbers.

A trip through time

The two-hour show will take the audience through the rich history of Ireland, transporting them to the ancient land of the Druids as well as the contemporary Dublin lanes and pubs. The story begins at the mounds of Newgrange, and the audience will experience a magical period of ancient Celtic traditions. Next, together with Irish immigrants, they set off on a journey to America, where the influence of Irish music greatly influenced American country music, before finally they return to their native Ireland.

“Czechs love Irish culture and dance, we believe that the Rhythm of the Dance show will be a success here,” said Květa Havelková, spokesperson for the promoters, JVS Group. “It is a traditional Irish dance show, which the audience here has not yet had the opportunity to see. Rhythm of the Dance is one of the oldest Irish ensembles and has travelled literally all over the world. The whole show is live, with no playback, only real dancers, singers and musicians on stage, we just find ourselves in Ireland for a while.” 

In addition to top dancers, musicians and singers will also appear on stage. Bagpipes, fiddle, pipe, accordion and bodhran, the traditional Irish frame drum, are typical for Irish music. 

The performance also includes sean-nós, which means “after the old days”. Singing sean-nós is a form of traditional Irish singing without musical accompaniment, and in the case of dancing, it is often an improvised solo form, creating a lively connection between the dancer and the singer.

Rhythm of the Dance will start the Czech leg of its tour on 9 November at the Vodova Arena in Brno, before moving to Ostrava (12 November, Gong) and Prague (13 November, Prague Congress Centre).

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