Nine People Charged Over Defence Contracts Following Raid At Army Headquarters

The Defence Ministry said that the police had raided some of its buildings. Credit: Army CR.

Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) – The Czech police organised crime squad (NCOZ) have charged nine people in connection with public contracts at the Defence Ministry related to the microwave communication system, the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague announced on its website.

Czech Television reported that NCOZ were investigating the General Staff building of the Czech armed forces and other locations in relation to the case.

The Defence Ministry said that the police had raided some of its buildings, but it cannot provide any further information at this time. The General Staff spokesperson also refused to comment on the case.

The High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague has been overseeing the criminal case, its spokesman Adam Borgula said.

“The actions, due to which criminal prosecution against nine people have been launched, are connected with public contracts of the Defence Ministry for servicing the microwave network,” Borgula said.

Denik N and Seznam Zprávy reported that the police intervention at the General Staff is related to the Dosimeter corruption case, which last year saw around a dozen people accused of influencing contracts of the Prague Public Transport Company (DPP).

Seznam Zpravy reported that the police are interested in businessman Jindrich Springl, who has been charged in relation to bribes concerning DPP contracts for a radio system and for a security camera system in the metro. Denik N said the police raid in the General Staff HQ was connected with a CZK 10 million public contract that Springl won in 2018.

NCOZ spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej told CTK that the supervising public prosecutor’s office is the institution that can provide information on the case.


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