credit: M. Schmerkova, Brno City Municipality

Brno Residents Will Have A More Comfortable And Varied Way To Get To Vienna Airport

The new service will start on 1 February and will run in pilot mode until 10 June. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova, Brno City Municipality.

Brno, Jan 26 (BD) – The City of Brno will support the direct train line from Brno to Vienna Airport with discounted parking at the Zetor plant in Líšen and a free park-and-ride service to the main station. The new service will start on 1 February and run in pilot mode until 10 June.

The direct train connection to Vienna-Schwechat International Airport has been operated by the City of Brno through a contracted carrier since 11 December last year, with trains departing from Brno’s main station at 3:48 a.m. “The introduction of a discounted parking fee combined with a free shuttle to the station is expected to increase the attractiveness of this line and improve the comfort for passengers, especially those from the Brno area,” said Brno city councillor for transport, Petr Kratochvíl.

On Wednesday, the Brno City Council approved two necessary documents, namely a change in the parking price list and a contract with the Brno Transport Company, which will provide the shuttle service. “The first 7 days of parking will cost CZK 500 using the newly introduced discounted tariff, and each additional day will cost CZK 50. The condition for application is to fill in the registration form at,” said Kratochvíl.

Brno train station. Photo credit: M. Schmerkova, Brno City Municipality.

The buses will only operate on days when there is demand from passengers, so the operation should be profitable. The city of Brno will pay CZK 1,334 per trip, excluding VAT.

Since the provision of these services will be carried out in a pilot mode, intended mainly to test the interest of passengers, the City’s Transport Department will regularly monitor their use and may propose adjustments to the parameters.

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