Inner Courtyard Near Kotlářská Undergoes Extensive Revitalization With The Help of Local Residents

The Kotlářská-Bayerova-Dřevařská-Hoppova inner courtyard, an important green space in Brno with an area of 2,600 square metres, has undergone extensive revitalization, which aims to contribute significantly to improving quality of life for the inhabitants of the surrounding houses and will make the daily passage through the park area more pleasant for visitors. Photo credit:

Brno, June 26 (BD) – “We have regenerated the lawn in both parts of the courtyard and planted 151 shrubs such as hornbeams and hydrangeas,” said Vojtěch Mencl (ODS), the mayor of the Brno-střed district. “Fortunately, it was not necessary to cut down any trees; on the contrary, we planted an additional 21 of them. 153 perennials were added to the beds and after the summer holidays, 900 bulbs, such as Ladonia and daffodils, will be planted.” 

In the northern part of the courtyard, the paved areas were reduced, and new surfaces replaced the existing asphalt structures. The diagonal is newly formed by a path made of combed concrete, followed by two small areas of marble with furnishings and raised beds on both sides with perennials such as hellebores, lavender, peonies and daisies.

A central lawn with recessed stone features has been created between the raised beds and the swale. A line of concrete strips leads to a diagonal walkway that leads towards the rest area from the east. The existing tarmac footpath along the northern boundary leading to the gates of the private gardens has been replaced by a lightweight concrete strip structure with a grass gap.

The area is dominated by a mature lime tree, which is now linked with other trees by the planting of medium sized Sakura trees. The aim of the planting design is to create a functional extension to the living area in the future. In addition to the trees, toadflax bushes and edible mispulses have also been planted, under which a small wintering area for small animals has been created. A hornbeam liner screen was established for the rest area by the parking area.

The southern, quieter part of the courtyard is without furniture at the request of the residents of the surrounding flats. In this part, too, paved areas have been significantly reduced and replaced with new surfaces. On the most frequently used pedestrian route, a diagonal of combed concrete was created.

“We worked intensively with local residents on the design of the improvements and tried to meet their needs. Many thanks to architect Eva Wagnerová, who completely prepared the revitalization and consulted with the local residents,” added Mencl.

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The Kotlářská-Bayerova-Dřevařská-Hoppova inner block, an important green space in Brno with an area of 2,600 square metres, has undergone extensive revitalization, thanks to architect Eva Wagnerová and the local residents. Photo credit:

The new element in this area is a circular organic path for small children’s bicycles and walks, which is complemented by the planting of hydrangeas. As in the northern part of the courtyard, the existing mature trees have been replanted with Sakura and hornbeam.

The reconstruction of the courtyard was completed at the end of May at a cost of CZK 4 million.

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