Young Woman Stabbed In Broad Daylight On Tuesday Afternoon, Police Are Looking for Witnesses

On Tuesday afternoon, around 3pm, a young woman was stabbed in Brno city center, with no apparent motive. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, and the perpetrator has not been identified. Photo Credit: Police CR / Video.

Brno, Sep 9 (BD) – On Tuesday, at around 3pm, a young woman was the victim of a sudden attack on the footbridge connecting Koliště Park with the IBC complex. She was stabbed several times, and was hospitalized in a serious condition due to her injuries. The perpetrator has not been identified, and the reasons for the attack are still unknown.

The attack took place at 3pm, in broad daylight, and video footage recorded by CCTV shows a violent assault and a person running away. The videos are currently being examined by detectives for information that can identify the attacker or the motive. A man is visible on the CCTV footage moving towards the scene of the crime right at that moment, and detectives are now trying to identify him as they believe he could be a key witness, and his testimony could be decisive in identifying the attacker or establishing the events which led to the assault.
Credit: Police CR.

Detectives from the South Moravian Police Department are still investigating, and ask anyone who has any information about this serious event to contact them on line 158.

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