South Moravian Firefighters Undergo Training At Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

In the past few days, South Moravian aerial firefighters have completed training at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. The air rescuers of the South Moravian Region Fire and Rescue Service took advantage of a planned outage at the cooling towers of the Dukovany NPP to practise the deployment of a rescue team to remove an injured worker from the crown of the cooling tower. Photo credit: Mr. Komoň and Mr. Sucharda

Brno, March 31 (BD) – South Moravian firefighters were supplemented on site by climbers from the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant Fire and Rescue Service. The training involved the Bell 412 helicopter of the Czech Police’s Air Service, and the action was carried out with the use of its on-board crane. 

Under suitable weather conditions, this is the fastest option for deploying rescuers to otherwise inaccessible places, located at a height of 125 m above the surrounding terrain. This was a rather unique opportunity to train in such exposed areas, and all 25 air rescuers of the South Moravian Fire and Rescue Service therefore took part in the training.  

This is a continuation of the joint training of climbers of the South Moravian and Dukovany Fire Service, which was focused on rescuing workers carrying out repairs to the tower shell from suspended assembly platforms. This kind of training increases the readiness of the rescue services to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies at the nuclear power plant site.

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