Inner Courtyard of Former City Centre Post Office To Be Livened Up With A Beer Garden

Harry Brewery is preparing to open a beer garden in the centre of Brno, expected to be one of the largest in the city. The garden in the courtyard of the former post office on Poštovská will be about half the size of a football field, and will be able to accommodate up to 200 people, providing a space for cultural events, and also an outdoor bar with a barbecue and other equipment. Photo credit: Petr Klapper / Metro Music Bar.

Brno 30 March (BD) –  “Historically, every brewery also had brewery gardens,” said Petr Syřiště, Chairman of the Board of Harry’s Brewery. “The courtyard area in the city center has an incredible atmosphere, which was confirmed last summer in the open air concerts organized by Metro Music Bar.”

The total investment in the new restaurant in the premises of ​​the former post office on Poštovská in the centre of Brno was CZK 25 million, one of the largest investments in this sector in the country. Several shareholders are participating in the project. Photo credit: Petr Klapper / Metro Music Bar.

With the preparation of a new garden, the owners are also offering a new investment opportunity. “Currently, we have the last three investment shares, from the sale of which we intend to partially cover the investment in the new garden. Each of the investors can buy a share, thereby acquiring a share in the brewery. As part of the shareholder program, in addition to the dividend, they will also be rewarded with a shareholder discount, permanent reservation or special batches,” said Syřiště.

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Harry Brewery began production last December. At present, it has eight of its own beers on tap, from lagers to top-fermented beers. Brewing top- and bottom-fermented beers under one roof is a trend of recent years. According to Tamara Dolníčková, the chief brewer at Harry’s, this is based on consumer demand. Especially in Brno, a vibrant student city, there is a growing interest in a more varied range. Photo credit: Harry Brewery

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