Credit: KK / BD (illustrative photo)

Shop Owner In Brno-Kralovo Pole Foils Robbery By Firing Gun Into The Air

The owner of the shop on Štefánikova stopped the thief by firing a gas pistol into the air. The perpetrator is now facing prosecution, but police are also considering whether the shop owner committed a crime by discharging a firearm in public. Photo: For illustrative purposes, by KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Aug 5 (BD) – On Tuesday afternoon, at around 5pm, the police received an emergency call reporting shots being fired on Štefánikova in Brno-Kralovo Pole. “We received a report that there was a man in the street handling and shooting a small firearm,” said police spokesman Petr Vala. “We sent several police units to the scene, who then discovered that the armed man was the owner of a shop who was chasing a thief.”

The thief was fleeing the shop carrying CZK 3,000 of stolen goods, and the owner shouted at him to stop. “As the robber did not follow the order to stop, the shop owner fired his gas pistol once into the air. The perpetrator then stopped and returned the stolen goods,” said Vala.

When the police detained the suspect, they discovered that he had recent previous convictions for robbery, and he is now facing prosecution for this one too. However, Petr Vala added that the police are investigating whether the shop owner also broke the law by discharging a firearm in public, even just a gas pistol.

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