City of Brno To Invest CZK 3.5 Million Into Crime Prevention

Brno City Council has approved a package of support for 21 non-profit organisations dedicated to crime prevention, totalling CZK 3.456 million. In addition, funds will go to other public entities operating in Brno, such as the police force. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily

Brno, Feb 21 (BD) – The selected non-profit organisations have long focused their activities on high-risk groups. “Most often, these are cases of domestic violence, in which assistance is provided not only to the victims, but also to witnesses, who in many cases are children. Another relatively large part of the projects deal with risk groups of young people or seniors, who can often become the target of crime,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

“Probation programs for children and young people who got into trouble with the law at an early age will also be supported, such as the Aristotle program for children under 15, which is unique in the entire South Moravian Region,” she continued. “There is also Don’t Let It Be, a project focused on the prevention of bullying, which won first place in the national round of the European Crime Prevention Award and finished 3rd in the international competition.”

Other organisations operating in Brno are also involved in crime prevention, and will be supported separately. “These include two programs of the Brno Municipal Police. The Senior Academy aims to educate seniors in the field of crime prevention, and the Housing Academy then prepares people for the activities of a caretaker in apartment buildings. Long-term experience shows that a trained caretaker can contribute to the timely resolution of problems in homes and increase the sense of security of its inhabitants,” said Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs, Robert Kerndl (ODS). 

Funding will also be allocated to a South Moravian Regional Police Directorate project focused on cyber-security. A total of five entities will be supported in this way, with a total amount of CZK 456,000.

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