New Trail To Open At The Výpustek Cave, Revealing New Mysteries To The Public

A new experience in the Výpustek cave is opening on February 12th. “Behind the mystery of the cave” will offer a more adventurous and challenging trail while discovering other areas of the cave. Photo credit: Správa jeskyní ČR.

Brno, Feb 9 (BD) – The Výpustek Cave, formerly known as the “Výpustek Cave Maze”, is one of the most important cave systems in the Moravian Karst. This interesting underground space has a rich and unusual history and contains many fossils and traces of the Second World War.

The current classic tour leads visitors through the so-called “shelter” – a secret underground headquarters 200 metres inside the cave, built in 1961 by the Czechoslovak People’s Army as a separate facility in case of war. A second tour in the Výpustek cave near Křtiny in the Moravian Karst will open in a trial mode from February 12th. 

The new trail will lead between the outside of the shelter and the natural surface of the cave, for small groups of no more than 10 people. The adventure is designed for people in good physical condition, and visitors will be exploring the cave with only headlamps on their helmets to illuminate their path. Visitors will pass through a part of the Low Passage of the cave. “Unlike the traditional trail through the shelter, the new route is not accessible by wheelchair. It will be 690 metres long and will take about 80 minutes,” explained Hana Horáková, the manager of the Výpustek cave.

Along the way, visitors will also see a number of interesting colourful natural mineral deposits. “There is a nice ornamentation of thin stalactites left there,” says Jaroslav Ondráček, who came up with the idea to open a new trail in Výpustek.

In order to make this new experience accessible, the Czech Caves Administration had to obtain the consent of the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area Administration and the Mining Authority, which supervise the safety of underground activities.

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