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Tests No Longer Required When Travelling By Individual Transport

As of yesterday, arrivals from very high-risk countries do not require evidence of a negative test if they are travelling by individual transport. However, those returning from countries in the dark red category must take a PCR test no later than 14 days after entering the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., June 18 (BD) – The Ministry of Health has removed the requirement for those entering the Czech Republic to have a negative test for coronavirus if they travel by car. The new measure, in force since yesterday, was issued after the Prague Municipal Court stated that mandatory tests represent a disproportionate restriction of the right to free entry into the territory of the Czech Republic, which the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms guarantees to every citizen. 

After a government meeting on Monday, Health Minister Adam Vojtech expressed his doubts on whether arriving by individual transport was “less risky” than coming from the same countries by public transport.

“I don’t know exactly what led the Municipal Court in Prague to the reasoning that people travelling by individual transports are not a risk, so do not have to be tested”, said Vojtech.

Those coming from countries in the dark red category still have to carry out a PCR test no later than 14 days after returning to the Czech Republic. The court also took into account the fact that it would certainly be easier for citizens to undergo a test in their home country, without linguistic or financial barriers. However, until the submission of negative results, they will be subject to restrictions on free movement, said Kryštof Berka, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

However, the court found the measures applied to those travelling by public transport from high-risk countries appropriate, to minimize the risk of spreading disease mutations. People arriving from dark red countries are required to complete the electronic Public Health Passenger Locator Form, undergo a PCR test no more than five days after arrival, and remain in voluntary isolation until they receive the result. 

At the moment, the dark red category includes a small number of the Member States of the European Union (read more in our previous article).

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