A Homegrown Response to the Ecological Crisis: Brno’s Very Own Microgreens

A growing awareness of the challenges posed by the ecological crisis has brought forward  new and innovative ways to grow and consume food. Seeking to create a product kind to both man and nature, Brno’s Rostutu is growing environmentally friendly microgreens. Photo Credit: Rostutu.farm.

Brno, Feb. 15 (BD) – A Brno company, Rostutu, has taken up the challenge to find new ways to grow nutritional sprouts and microgreens, making them more affordable for everyone, from businesses to ordinary households. Microgreens are young shoots of herbs and vegetables, perfect to add flavour to dishes and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Rostutu focuses on environmentally sustainable ways to grow these shoots. The application of new technologies enables production that is kinder to both man and nature. Water is saved by the application of aquaponic and vertical plant growing. The amount of water and arable land required are reduced significantly, simultaneously cutting the carbon footprint of production. 

Why sprouts? For their nutritional value they are perfect companions for plant-based diets. In the case of Rostutu, microgreens are produced without the help of industrial fertilizers or pesticides. They can be purchased in one of Brno’s many health shops. Rostutu’s Facebook page has a list of all the stores that carry their microgreens, and they also provide home delivery. Moreover, they have had a frequent presence at Brno’s vegetable market. Plant enthusiasts may also take their microgreens home and start their own small production.

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