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New Cybersecurity Institute Established By Leading Czech Universities

A new institute, CyberSecurity Hub, has been established by agreement between Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology and the Czech Technical University. The joint institute will focus on supporting industry and companies and European-certification of cutting-edge technologies. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Nov 22 (BD) – Masaryk University (MUNI), Brno University of Technology (BUT) and the Czech Technical University (CTU) will deepen existing cooperation in the cybersecurity field through the establishment of a registered institute, the CyberSecurity Hub. 

On November 18th, representatives of the universities signed the founding charter of the new institute, which will strengthen professional collaborative activities and support industries, companies and the European certification of cutting-edge technologies within the field. 

Radim Polčák, Vice-Rector of Masaryk University for Development, Legislation and IT, explained that “this unique cooperation of three universities, which represent the top in cybersecurity research at the national and international level, will significantly strengthen the position and competitiveness of Czech research and education, and cooperation with the application sphere in cybersecurity.”

CyberSecurity Hub will build on the joint ventures of its founding universities in the National Competence Center for Cybersecurity where private companies and top Czech research institutes cooperate. The new institute’s first activities will include the creation of a European digital innovation hub and of a special certification authority in the cybersecurity field.    

“As part of the European Digital Innovation Hub network, the institute, in cooperation with partners, intends to support the safe development of digitization and innovation in Czech industry through the creation of a comprehensive system for sharing information and experience, access to know-how, technologies and infrastructures, education and investment support,” said Radek Holý, Vice-Rector of CTU. 

The institute also aims to assess the compliance of new cutting-edge technologies with safety standards and to certify them according to new European legislation. Through this endeavour, CyberSecurity Hub will become an accredited certification authority controlled by independent public universities. 

“Close cooperation with Czech companies in the field of cybersecurity will lead to the improvement of the useful properties of their products and services, and thus to the strengthening of the competitiveness of Czech industry on an international level,” added Pavel Zemčík, Dean of BUT’s Faculty of Information Technology.  

The goals of the institute will be managed strategically by the Board of Directors, which includes representatives of the founding institutions and the professional public, and through cooperation with external entities in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

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