Field Hospital at Brno Exhibition Centre Handed over to Brno University Hospital

Construction of the reserve field hospital at the Brno exhibition centre began last monday. The first phase was completed within five days. Ondřej Ludka, medical deputy of the Brno University Hospital, anticipates that the premises will be ready to accept patients by November 9th. Photo: Temporary hospital (Provizorní nemocnice) in Pavillion G2 of the Exhibition Centre. Credit: Marie Schmerková / MMB.

Brno, Nov 2 (BD) – On Friday, the Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková handed over the reserve field hospital at the Brno exhibition center to representatives from Brno University Hospital.

The construction of the hospital in Pavillion G2 of the exhibition centre took five days, instead of seven days as previously scheduled. The premises were technically complete on Friday October 30th, and were handed over to the hospital to begin the next phase of preparation to host patients, including the provision of necessary medical equipment and materials, as well as operational management. 

“Work began on Monday morning, and although the project was modified, the entire construction was completed two days faster than planned,” said Vaňková, adding that “the biggest change was the decision to use electrically operated positioning beds, which required the expansion and strengthening of electrical installations.”

Additionally, circuits to ensure medical devices have been backed up and 40 beds equipped with oxygen cylinders were installed. The facility contains 302 beds in 151 cubicles, with fixed partitions to reduce visual and noise discomfort for patients. The facility is divided into 13 sub-sections with a capacity of 20 to 28 beds each, and the space is orientated between three color-coded sectors according to medical parameters.

The scheduled date for the beginning of operations remains the same, despite the changes. “Thanks to the extra time, it is absolutely realistic that we can start accepting the first patients on November 9th if necessary, at the time when the number of cases of Covid-19 is expected to peak,” said Ondřej Ludka, medical deputy of the Brno University Hospital, who took over the premises from the Mayor along with director Jaroslav Štěrba.

Photo: The medical deputy of The Brno University Hospital, Ondřej Ludka, together with the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.  Credit: Marie Schmerková / MMB.

According to Vaňková, “As some of the doctors working in the reserve hospital are expected to be from outside Brno or from abroad, we are ready to provide them with accommodation in a neighboring conference hotel, which was owned by Trade Fairs Brno until recently, in cooperation with the university hospital who will operate the complex.”

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Photo credit: Marie Schmerková / MMB.

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