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Masaryk University Launches App To Streamline Volunteering Efforts

Masaryk University (MUNI) has launched an app for volunteers to offer their services to people in need during the pandemic crisis. Volunteers can see an overview of requests and decide how and when they can help. The MUNI Pomáhá (MUNI Helps) app is available in both Czech and English. Photo credit: Freepik for Illustrative purposes.

Brno, Oct 15 (BD) – A new mobile application from the MUNI Volunteer Center allows volunteers to sign up to help during the crisis more easily. Volunteers can define exactly in what ways they are able to help and also decide when and where they are available. 

MUNI Volunteer Centre has formed a network of over 4500 volunteers since its inception in Spring during the first wave of the Coronavirus epidemic. It now helps to deal with around 2,500 requests, ranging from help in hospitals, assistance for the elderly and with children, and helping to buy groceries, medicines or masks. The initiative provides help extensively in the City of Brno, the South Moravian region and several other places in the Czech Republic.  

The app makes the process easier for volunteers to register and feel more comfortable to get involved. Volunteers are required to fill in details to create a comprehensive profile and select which activities they would prefer to help with and how often they are willing and able to help. 

The MUNI Volunteer Centre processes requests and shares them on the app for volunteers to see. Notifications are sent via the app when new requests are made. Volunteers can choose when they will be active or inactive, and limit when they will receive notifications about requests for help. 

The volunteers themselves can also choose their preferences, for example, it may be helping with tutoring, shopping or buying groceries, and where they can help. The app, which is in both Czech and English, can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple Store. More information about the initiative can be found on the MUNI Pomáhá website.

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