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eHealth: A Digital Health System For South Moravia

Only a few regions across the Czech Republic use the eHealth system; South Moravia will join in applying the digital system. It will make patient data available online to practitioners between regional medical organizations. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.  

Czech Rep., Oct 5 (BD) – South Moravia will implement an online system, “eHealth”, to digitize patient data, thus increasing accessibility for healthcare organizations and speeding up medical care. The system of exchanging health data is a concept which has only recently been applied in several regions in the Czech Republic. 

eHealth is intended to be a more efficient way of sharing medical data between regional hospitals, the Emergency Medical Services and other medical establishments. The aim is to make high-quality data quickly accessible in and between regions, and to ensure the system for providing health care will be sustainable in the long-term. 

“The project is already running in the Vysočina region, for example, and I am very pleased that we have also decided to improve healthcare for people in the South Moravian Region. Now in really just a few seconds, doctors can search for your medical records across the region. This will speed up treatment, and I believe patients will appreciate it.”

– Milan Vojta, Councilor of the South Moravian Region for Healthcare.

While healthcare digitization is a trend in several European countries, part of the Czech medical community has had reservations and only partial initiatives have begun in the Czech Republic. The introduction of a personal health data system came with questions related to the cost of digitization and data protection. The company has guaranteed that data will be encrypted and secured, and access will be monitored. The protection of the data is in full compliance with Czech and European legislation, while remaining available in administration sectors of medical facilities. 

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