Temporary Restrictions To Scheduled Train Routes Due To COVID-19

Czech Railways announced on Twitter on Saturday morning that the nation’s trains would be following the example of various other parts of the transport network by reducing services on many regional lines. However, the basic express service will still operate on all lines, at least every two hours. Photo: Brno Hlavní Nádraží. Credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno / Czech Rep., Mar 22 (BD) – On Saturday morning, the Czech Railways [České Dráhy] Twitter feed announced that: “Due to the measures taken against COVID-19, there is a reduction in regional transport operations. České Dráhy passengers are kindly requested to follow the latest information about service restrictions at http://cd.cz/omezeniprovozu.”

Map of service restrictions of the Czech Railways. Source: Czech Railways on Twitter.

The reduction in services is mainly due to the significantly lower number of passengers since the declaration of a state of emergency in the Czech Republic. International transport has already been completely discontinued and long-distance passenger transport is gradually being temporarily reduced. However, express trains will continue to operate on all lines, at least within the basic two-hour intervals. 

Carriages will continue to undergo regular thorough cleaning to prevent the spread of coronavirus, especially the places that people touch, such as carriage and compartment door handles. Passengers are requested to purchase tickets for all journeys before boarding the train, either at the ticket office or online at the České Dráhy e-shop.

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