Filharmonie Brno to Recreate Great Brno Through Viktor Pantůček’s Exposition of New Music

The festival, which has been running since 1987, will present a series of concerts showcasing contemporary avant-garde classical compositions, to try to recreate “Big Brno” – a city which is small in size but not thinking. Photo: 2018 “Exposition of New Music” in Vašulka Kitchen, courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

Brno, Nov 19 (BD) – “Brno is a small city, and thinks like a small city. But it is built on the great actions that shaped its image and its genius loci. The demolition of the city walls during the 19th century allowed the city to develop into a European metropolis, but gradually we built new walls, mental, local and social. Let’s try to demolish them once again in the 21st century. Let Brno be small in size and not thinking, let’s not be afraid of great actions.”

2018 “Exposition of New Music”, Vašulka Kitchen, courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

So reads the ambitious mission statement of the “Exposition of New Music”, curated by Viktor Pantůček, which has been running since 1987, and organised by Filharmonie Brno since 2012. The festival offers “new possibilities for the expression of music and a new position of personal, even extreme, speech.” The festival is to adopt a new dramaturgical approach from 2020, so this year’s event is imagined as a closing finale of the cycle begun in 2013. For this reason, after several years of presenting interesting and challenging compositions and performances from around the world, Pantůček is refocusing the program on the city of Brno, the city which has hosted the festival for over 30 years.

Káznice on Cejl. Photo credit: TIC Brno, courtesy of Filharmonie Brno.

The concerts that form the festival program will run from November 21st to 24th, with half of them in the neo-renaissance surroundings of Besední Dům, and the other three in other locations, such as a special sound installation on Saturday 23rd from Káznice, the former penitentiary on Cejl, and one concert in the House of Art (Dům Umění).

For more information about the program, and to book tickets, check out the festival website. Advance sales are also available in Besední Dům, and from the House of the Lords of Lipé.

Brno Daily is a proud media partner of Filharmonie Brno.

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