2020 MotoGP’s Cheapest Tickets on Sale

This year’s MotoGP will be held in Brno on the first weekend of August, Aug. 7-9, 2020. Photo: MotoGP in Brno, 3rd place for Jakub Kornfeil. Credit: Jiřina Rittichová / TIC.

Brno, Nov 15 (BD) – Great news for fans of motorsport: tickets for the Grand Prix at Brno’s Masaryk Circuit on August 7-9, 2020 are now on sale at Christmas prices, with a discount of up to 35%. The ticket sales started today (15 November) at 12:00 noon, 14 earlier than last year.

The most advantageous tickets will be available before Christmas. People can now save up to 35% of the ticket price.

Tickets are available online or at TIC – Tourist Information Center at Panenská 1.

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