Bolek Polívka Theatre Finds New Home As Břetislav Bakala Hall Reopens

A press conference was held yesterday to celebrate the symbolic return of the Břetislav Bakala Hall to the city, and its new role as the home of the Bolek Polívka Theatre, in the presence of Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková, deputy mayor René Černý, and theatre principal Boleslav Polívka, a celebrated Czech actor and well-known Brno personality.

The 300-seat hall, part of the Bílý Dům, belongs to the Association of Medical Facilities II Brno, and underwent a five-month renovation period to make it suitable for the future users.

The acting company has been performing in a building on Jakubské náměstí since its foundation in 1993, but was forced to relocate temporarily to Židenice last summer because of the poor structural condition of the building. Now the work at Bílý Dům has almost been completed, and workers are putting the finishing touches on the renovations, the theatre is ready to inaugurate the renewed Břetislav Bakala Hall with a preview of a new production on 11 April, Saga or the Vizovsky miracle, with the official premiere following the next day.

“After less than five months since the handover of the construction site, which took place at the beginning of November, we now have a modernly equipped and capacity-matching hall in Brno, enabling the trouble-free operation of the theatre,” said Vaňková. “Among the most important works carried out directly in the hall are the installation of ceiling LED lighting enabling dimming and the extension of the stage, which is ultimately new due to the condition of the original structure.”

The social facilities and dressing rooms for the performers also underwent modifications. Construction work, including technical distribution, was paid for by the city, the interior equipment was supplied by the theatre, and the polyclinic, as the operator of the facility, arranged for the repair of inadequate air conditioning. The Deputy Mayor of Brno for investments, René Černý, said the total costs to the City of Brno amount to CZK 13,306,288 excluding VAT. 

Polívka emphasised the focus on audience experience. “In order to provide the audience with the best possible comprehensive theatre experience, we purchased new sound technology, and we also innovated the lighting technology and the necessary stage technology, because not all of our existing equipment could be used in the Bílý Dům premises,” he said. “Now, after taking over the hall, we will start with gradual connection and testing so that everything is ready for the upcoming premiere.”

A longer-term lease agreement between the theatre and the operator of the building, the Association of Medical Facilities II Brno, is under negotiation under the auspices of Brno municipality.

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