City of Brno To Raise Charges For Car-Towing Operations

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The fee is being changed for the first time since 2012. Credit: Brno Communications Company a.s.

Brno, Dec 22 (BD) – Starting in the new year, Brno drivers will pay extra for car towing. The fee is being changed for the first time since 2012, in order to help reduce the city’s deficit from the cost of towing by almost 40%.

As of 1 January 2024, the price for “initiated towing” and related technical operations will increase. This refers to situations where the towing crew has already arrived at a poorly parked car, but has not yet loaded it onto their vehicle or moved it in any other way. If its owner arrives at the scene at this moment, they will be charged CZK 780.

The rate for incomplete towing is also increased. This is when the crew has already loaded the car onto their truck, but the driver can still negotiate to have it put back on the road. In this case, the owner will pay CZK 1,940. 

A price increase to CZK 3,500 is expected for completed towing operations. This includes so-called technical operations, for example during street cleaning, when the vehicle is moved only temporarily and then returned to its original location. The price for storing a car in a parking lot remains unchanged, costing 120 crowns for each 24-hour period.

The current towing fees were set 12 years ago and therefore no longer correspond to real costs. The new prices are intended to reduce the City of Brno’s deficit between income and expenditure related to towing by as much as 38%. This year, almost 7,000 cars have already been towed.

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