Two New Footbridges Will Improve Safety For Brno Pedestrians

A visualisation of the new railway station in Kralovo Pole, where a new footbridge will be constructed. Credit: rch.architects.

Brno, Mar 24 (BD) – Pedestrian infrastructure will be improved in two places in Brno. On Tuesday, councillors approved investment plans for the construction of a footbridge across Jedovnická in Líšen, and a second footbridge will lead over Ponávka in Králové Pole, to be built simultaneously with the reconstruction of the railway station.

The Railway Administration is preparing an extensive reconstruction of the Královo pole railway station, and part of it will be the extension of the underpass under the station. According to Brno city councillor for transport Petr Kratochvíl, this underpass will be connected to a new sidewalk and footbridge over Ponávka, connecting Myslínova with the area in front of the station where the urban public transport hub is located.

“We will coordinate the construction work with the Railway Administration, which should begin the reconstruction in the second half of this year,” said Kratochvíl.

The total pedestrian extension will be about 36 metres long and 3.5 metres wide. The footpath will be paved with water absorption features so that the footbridge will meet the parameters of anti-flood measures. The planned budget is CZK 28.6 million.

Meanwhile, the gradually expanding Nové Vinohrady district will receive a footbridge over Jedovnická, which will safely connect it with Líšen. “The footbridge will serve non-motorized traffic – that is, pedestrians and cyclists – and will be completely accessible,” said Kratochvíl. “Overall, it should be 50 metres long and at least 4 metres wide. The height of the passage space will be at least 4.8 metres. As part of this project, adequate public lighting will also be put in place.”

The technical details will be proposed in the next stages of the project documentation, now under preparation. Work on the bridge should start in 2025. The cost of the project is preliminarily estimated at CZK 35 million.

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