Mint Market Returns to Brno For 60th Edition

The Mint Market is returning to Brno on 17-18 March for its 60th edition, with more than 100 independent artisans presenting their creations. Photo credit: MINT Market.

Brno, Feb 20 (BD) – The Mint Market will return for the weekend of 17-18 March, with more than a 100 Czechs, Slovaks and Ukranians presenting their creations in the Tržnice building on Zelný trh. On Friday it will be open from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Entry is free, and the building is fully accessible.

The Mint Market showcases a variety of products including original fashions, jewellery, designs and delicacies, in addition to providing space for new or smaller designers, creators and enthusiasts who are trying to stand on their own feet. 

Credit: MINT Market.

Behind Mint Market is a group of people who have been organising successful design markets since 2010, carrying modern and sustainable goods at their events throughout the Czech Republic. What started as the idea of a few enthusiasts who wanted to create a place for themselves and their friends to sell their own brands has become a popular alternative to shopping malls and a platform bringing together more than 1,200 creatives and small businesses, holding regular events in two dozen cities. 

The markets are known for their friendly and relaxed atmosphere and wide selection of fair-trade, eco, bio, zero-waste or upcycled products. The designers, on the other hand, are happy to use the opportunity to present their products to a wide audience without having to devote all their time or resources to it. 

“Supporting small and local brands has been one of the basic ideas of our project from the very beginning,” said Lenka Šašková from the Mint Market team. In 2022, there were 57 market days across 38 Mint Market events. In total, more than 300 events have taken place in their 13 years of existence, attended by over 1.2 million visitors

Credit: MINT Market.

You can find a list of sellers, news and more information on the website, the Facebook event page, or on Instagram.

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