Applications Open For South Moravian Landscape Prize

The aim of the Landscape Prize is to raise visibility of projects that protect the environment, and highlight their importance. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily. 

Brno, Mar 2 (BD) – The South Moravia Regional Office is inviting anyone who has an innovative project with a positive impact on water retention and adapting the landscape to climate change to submit their idea for the South Moravian Landscape Prize (“Cena za krajinu”). The second year of the contest is taking place in collaboration with the Partnership Foundation.

Last year’s Prize attracted the submission of 43 projects. “This was a clear signal that there are a lot of people here who take care of the nature around them. Even small projects help when done well. We therefore want to motivate others and show that we see and support their efforts,” declared South Moravian governor Jan Grolich.

The period for applications will last until the end of April; individuals, municipalities, farmers, private companies and non-profit organisations are encouraged to apply. The application for registration can be found as an electronic form on the website

Projects will fall into one of two categories:

  • complex projects, which are sets of complex measures aimed at retaining water in the landscape not only in the floodplain valley, but also extending into the entire basin. The winner will receive CZK 100,000.
  • Individual measures, which are separate isolated measures or sub-measures from a more complex set. The winner will receive CZK 50,000, the second prize is CZK 20,000, and the third prize is CZK 10,000.

There will also be a Public Award, decided by an online vote. The 20 finalists for this category will be selected by the jury, formed by representatives of the South Moravian Region, the Partnership Foundation, Mendel University, and the Czech Nature and Landscape Protection Agency. The prize for the public award will be CZK 50,000.

“Our landscape is far from what it was centuries ago,” said Regional Deputy Governor Lukáš Dubec. “It is unhealthy, weak and in many places destroyed by excessive chemicalization and intensive agriculture. But there is a way. That is why we welcome every initiative that brings life back to our landscape. The task of the Landscape Prize is to make these activities more visible and show how important they are,” .

The region will also team up with the Partnership Foundation to award a regional prize for the best project in a built-up area within the South Moravian Region, as part of the 5th edition of the national Adapterra awards.

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