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The Project of the South Moravian Tourism Center Will Allow Tourists to Discover More About the Region

The project will allow to support tourism in the less visited areas of South Moravia. Photo Credit: JMK

Brno, Feb 20 (BD) – On the 16th of February the South Moravian Tourism Center got its project “Increasing the quality, expanding the offer and presentation of the destination South Moravia” approved by the South Moravian representative at their meeting.

The project aims to introduce methods such as visitor monitoring using geolocation data, analysis of the quality of services offered or new projects on the topics of the Napoleonic Wars and Jewishness in the region.

The action will cost the Tourism Center 3.4 million crowns, half of which will be covered by subsidies from the Ministry of Regional Development and the other half from the regional organisation. This will improve tourism opportunities and allow for the development of new projects.

”Our goal is to further strengthen the “Southern Moravia” brand so that it is an even greater attraction not only for domestic but also foreign visitors,” explains Jiří Kasala, councillor for tourism. “We want to reduce the seasonality of visits and increase awareness of South Moravia, not only from the point of view of leisure, but also in the field of conference and congress tourism”.

“South Moravia has long been the second most visited region of the Czech Republic, after the capital Prague. However, it is faced with uneven territorial and seasonal attendance. There are places here that already feel a certain oversaturation of tourists and on the conversely, very little-known localities that at the same time have great tourist potential. We therefore want to go the way of strengthening territorial attendance, extending the season in the entire region, or increasing attendance in the season where  interest is not  so great,” says Councilor Kasala .

As part of the expansion of the project, the head office will also look for new destinations that will be based on the historical heritage of certain areas of the region, therefore increasing their attractiveness, even outside the high season, and support tourism in less visited areas (e.g. Boskovicko, Slavkovsko, the vicinity of Znojmo and others).

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