South Moravia Allocates Millions For The Development of Cycling In The Region

A total of CZK 20 million will go to support cycling. Photo credit: JMK.

South Moravia, Jan 13 (BD) – The South Moravian Region will support the further development of cycling and cycling tourism and the maintenance of cycling roads in the region this year. Two subsidy programs were approved by regional councillors on 11 January.

“A total of CZK 20 million will go to support this area, which is so important for the development of tourism and the ecological character of transport in South Moravia.” said Deputy Governor Jan Zámečník. “Specifically, we have allocated CZK 17 million for the development of cycling and cycling transport in the region, and the region will contribute CZK 3 million for maintaining cycling roads and the improvement of cross-country ski tracks.”

Zámečník added that the Region is now supporting mainly cycle paths of local importance, instead of cycle paths on national and regional corridors. 

“This is an extremely important grant program for our work with municipalities and cities,” he added. “Together, we are increasing the share of non-motorized transport and improving accessibility in the territory. The development of tourism in the areas concerned and the use of roads and mountain bike routes for recreational purposes are also important, but its implementation often also increases the safety of cyclists themselves. In areas with heavy traffic and frequent accidents, cycle paths frequently solve not only long-distance cycling but, more importantly, safe commuting to school or work.” 

In the case of the second subsidy program, intended for maintaining the condition of cycling roads and modifying cross-country ski tracks, the investment is mainly about ensuring cleanliness and safety on public roads for non-motorized transport in the territory of the region: paths for cyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists, on off-road and cycling routes, singletrails, and cross-country ski tracks.

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