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Anti-Vax Activist Fined For Spreading Disinformation About COVID Deaths In Retirement Home

Peterkova said she had ignored the proceedings since she was hospitalised. Credit: Freepik. 

Prague, Jan 10 (CTK) – The Prague High Court has ruled that Jana Peterkova must pay a fine of CZK 250,000 for spreading false information that several elderly people died in a Czech retirement home after they were vaccinated against coronavirus, the server iROZHLAS reported today.

Last January, the Municipal Court in Prague imposed the fine and ordered Peterkova to apologise to the retirement home. Peterkova appealed the verdict, but the High Court halted the proceedings because she failed to pay a court fee. She also appealed this decision.

The High Court has now rejected her complaint, bringing the case to its conclusion.

Peterkova said she had ignored the proceedings since she was hospitalised.

Her defence lawyer said she wishes to file a petition for an appellate review with the Supreme Court.

According to iROZHLAS, Peterkova has not fulfilled the duties imposed on her by the court. As a result, the lawyer for the retirement home said he assumed he would have to propose a foreclosure motion.

Referring to an alleged testimony by an employee of the retirement home in Mesice, Central Bohemia, Peterkova claimed on Facebook that some elderly and other people had died and the health condition of others had worsened due to the COVID vaccination at the end of 2020 and start of 2021.

Peterkova’s video clips said that in Mesice, the death certificates of elderly people who died after vaccination had been forged.

In fact, the residents of the retirement homes in question had not yet been vaccinated due to a shortage of the vaccine. On this basis, the operator of the retirement home, Antonia senior services, filed a lawsuit against her for protection of reputation.

Peterkova argued that she had only repeated the words of another woman.

She is also facing a lawsuit over spreading false alarm. The court proceedings started on Monday.

Along with the deaths of the elderly, she claimed in her videos that NATO troops would occupy the Czech Republic and shoot at children who wanted to go to the playground, or shoot anyone refusing vaccination against the coronavirus.

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