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Czech Minimum Wage To Increase By CZK 1,100 to CZK 17,300 In January

The highest wage will rise from CZK 32,400 to CZK 34,600. Photo credit: Freepik.

Prague, Dec 23 (CTK) – The minimum wage will increase by CZK 1,100 in January, to CZK 17,300. Of the eight levels of guaranteed salary paid according to the difficulty, skill and responsibility of a role, only two, the lowest and highest, will rise, Czech Labor and Social Affairs Minister Marian Jurecka told CTK today.

The highest wage, which is double the minimum wage, will rise from CZK 32,400 to CZK 34,600 under the decree passed by the government.

While employers approve of the separation of guaranteed salaries from the minimum wage, trade unions are opposed.

After the change, employers’ expenditure on salaries is to rise by CZK 2.1 billion, while the state, self-governing bodies and health insurance companies are to pay the extra CZK 80 million.

If all guaranteed salaries were raised, companies would pay an extra CZK 3.9-6.4 billion, and public budgets about CZK 97.6 million more, according to the report on the impact of the measure.

The hourly minimum wage will increase from CZK 96.40 to CZK 103.80. The lowest guaranteed salary will rise from CZK 16,200 to CZK 17,300, and the highest to CZK 34,600 instead of the current CZK 32,400 (CZK 207.60 per hour instead of CZK 192.80). The second to seventh level of the guaranteed wage will remain the same as this year.

Minimum wage and eight levels of guaranteed salary this year and as proposed for next year in crowns

Minimum wage16,20017,300
source: proposed government decree
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