Brno Supports 25 Talented Scientists With Ph.D. Scholarship Programme

The project is a part of the Regional Innovation Strategy. Photo credit: JCMM.

Brno, Dec 15 (BD) – 25 doctoral students from Brno universities will receive scholarships of CZK 330,000 over the next three years as part of the Brno Ph.D. Talent scheme. 

The scholarship recipients were selected from among postgraduate students from Masaryk University (MUNI) and the Brno Technical University (BUT) by expert committees of prominent Czech scientists, based on applications and presentations of the young scientists’ research projects. 

The committee included Ilona Hromadníková, a professor at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and recent winner of the Česká Hlava Award, and Professor Jiří Matas from the Czech Technical University. They had the task of selecting the 25 best projects from a shortlist of 50. 

The 25 selected recipients include 13 female and 12 male students. 12 of them work at the MUNI Faculty of Science, another four at the MUNI Faculty of Medicine, and three at CEITEC BUT.

Funding for the scholarship scheme is provided by the City of Brno, as part of the Regional Innovation Strategy. It is being implemented by the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (JCMM).

“On behalf of Brno, I congratulate all the new scholarship holders, and I hope they won’t forget the city where they started with science,” said Markéta Vaňková, Mayor of Brno.

“We are very happy that the City of Brno recognizes the enormous potential that the work of Ph.D. students can bring to all of us. It is an expression of societal responsibility. Brno is demonstrating its desire to become one of the established and self-assured metropolises of world science,” said Miloš Šifalda, Director of JCMM.

The mayor will officially grant the new scholarships from the Brno Ph.D. Talent scheme in early March 2023.

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