“The Game of Brno”: TIC Brno Launches Board Game Based Around City’s History 

The game is designed for 2–6 players and features property cards and event cards. Photo credit: Jirina Rittichova.

Brno, Dec 13 (BD) – The Brno Tourist Information Centre (TIC Brno) has launched a board game based on the history and landmarks of the Moravian capital. Through “The Game of Brno” (“Hra o Brno”), players will embark on a journey through the different districts of Brno, but also through thousands of years of the city’s history, full of historical twists and turns, important local events, and also small disputes between quarrelsome inhabitants of the city. 

“The idea of having our own Brno board game excited me,” said Jana Janulíková, Director of TIC Brno. “The game has three big advantages: it will help you find your way around the city’s neighbourhoods; you will learn about important events and interesting facts from Brno’s history; and your aesthetic senses will be delighted by tasteful graphics from a Brno artist. And what’s more, it’s fun!” 

The game’s creator is Milan Vocílka, who participated in the development of the popular board game of the Brno Transport Company, Brno šalinou. “We started brainstorming with TIC Brno about what we wanted to include in the game,” said Vocílka. “We gradually adjusted these expectations – the main criteria were what was interesting and also what was playable. From these initial sketches, we ended up moving quite a bit, and the game evolved until the very last moment. The preparation took us at least three quarters of a year.” 

The game is complemented by the unusual illustrations of Filip Hauser, who has completed a number of projects for various institutions in Brno in the past few years, such as the graphic design of the USE-IT map, a guide to Brno’s scientific institutions, and a guide to Brno on the route of the No. 4 tram. “That’s not counting the time spent beforehand on concept development or revising the graphics after,” added Hauser.

The game is designed for 2–6 players and features 80 property cards, 400 event cards, and 280 banknotes with images of important Brno personalities. Through playing the game, players can learn when the Great Brno Redevelopment took place or when Brno was allowed to hold its second fair.

The game is available for purchase at the game’s e-shop, at the Dárky z Brna stand on namesti Svobody, at the Pod krokodýlem information centre at Radnická 8, or at the To Je Brno information centre at Panenská 2. 

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