Nová Zbrojovka Will Include Educational Facilities for Over 800 Children – Visualisations

The city first wants to build the infrastructure for the new quarter emerging on the former brownfield site, where up to 6,500 residents will live. One of the important steps is the construction of a school and a kindergarten. Visualisations by SOA architekti, Kancelář architekta via CPI

Brno, Dec 3 (BD) – Facilities for more than 800 children, including a new nursery and primary school with a spacious courtyard, several clubhouses, and roof terraces for extracurricular activities are planned as an integral part of the new Nová Zbrojovka district. The proposal for three new buildings was approved by Brno City Council and the management of Nová Zbrojovka.

Visualisations by SOA architekti, Kancelář architekta via CPI

The construction of a kindergarten is part of the 2021 contract between the city and CPI, the developer involved in the Nova Zbrojovka brownfield renovation project. “Such a large-scale project needs to be solved comprehensively, mainly due to the need to build extensive infrastructure and connect it to the existing, whether it is backbone roads, streets, sidewalks, public transport, sewerage, water management, anti-flood measures or civic amenities. In addition to anti-flood measures and the construction of a new bridge over the Svitava, this contract also defines the basic parameters of the project to build a school and a kindergarten,” wrote CPI group on their blog.

Visualisations by SOA architekti, Kancelář architekta via CPI

According to CPI, the school will have 27 classes for up to 800 pupils, and the kindergarten will offer two classes with a maximum capacity of 25 pupils. 

The project involves renovation of the adjacent public spaces, which will create a completely new cycling and pedestrian connection on the axis Židenické nádraží – Nová Zbrojovka – Husovice. In total, it will give a new shape to 1.2 hectares of land.

Map via CPI
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