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New Wellness Centre On Kraví Hora To Open On 31 October

The city provided CZK 117.5 million for the construction of the wellness centre. Photo credit: Marie Schmerková.

Brno, Oct 14 (BD) – The construction of a modern wellness facility connected to the swimming pool and indoor pool area at Kraví hora is complete. The interior of the building is gradually being retrofitted and operational tests are underway. It will open to the public on 31 October.

The city provided CZK 117.5 million for the construction of the wellness centre. The Brno-střed Municipal District provided complete project documentation, paid for the delivery and installation of interior equipment, and purchased a new access system and joinery for the changing rooms, for a total of CZK 8.5 million.

The wellness centre replaced the original 1970s ground-floor building between the purpose-built road above the swimming pool and the outdoor pool. The space is divided into lounge, relaxation, water, and sauna areas, and a separate massage area is also planned. The architectural design was prepared by the DRNH architectural office, and construction was carried out by Komfort, taking 21 months.

On the ground floor there is a reception with refreshments, a lounge with a fireplace, relaxation rooms, a whirlpool and a Kneipp walkway. In the sauna area, there are four saunas, a steam room, a cooling pool, and cooling and classic showers. Wood is used in the interior, glass mosaics are used for wall coverings, the flooring is mainly from burnt granite, and the smoky glass walls of the saunas are also visually appealing. The interior lining is made of five types of wood, and two saunas are divided by a lighted salt-brick wall.

Part of the long-unused original sun roof terrace areas has been transformed into an outdoor relaxation area with sun loungers, two panoramic saunas, two cooling pools, and an outdoor hot tub overlooking the city. The rest of the roof has a layer of meadow grass and plants to keep rainwater from running off.

Information about the entrance fee will be published on the website.

This article was amended on 17 October at 21:00, to change the opening date to 31 October.

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