South Moravia Will Invest CZK 8 Million To Boost The Region’s Film Industry

The South Moravian Region will invest CZK 8 million to support the South Moravian Film Foundation. Photo Credit: Freepik

Brno, Sep 29 (BD) – At a meeting on 27 September, regional councillors approved a grant agreement to support the activities of the South Moravian Film Foundation.

“The region has contributed CZK 30 million to film production through the South Moravian Film Foundation Fund since it came into existence. South Moravia is very attractive for filmmakers, and every film or television production that is made here has the charm to attract more visitors to our region,” said the South Moravian governor, Jan Grolich. The region has been a location for feature-length films but also documentaries and smaller format films.

“Leading Czech directors such as Jiří Vejdělek, Petr Zelenka and Václav Marhoul have filmed here. The feature-length film ‘The Painted Bird’ by producer and director Václav Marhoul was an extraordinary success at international festivals and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film by the Czech Film and Television Academy,” said František Lukl, Deputy Governor for Culture.

This year, two films supported by the fund were honoured. The miniseries ‘Suspicion’ by screenwriter Štěpán Hulík had a gala foreign premiere at the Berlinale International Film Festival, the first ever series from Central and Eastern Europe to do so. Petr Václav’s historical film ‘Il Boemo’ will have its world premiere in the main competition of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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