Work Set To Begin On Square In Front of Brno’s Main Station, Pending Agreement With Contractors

The project for a redeveloped and modernised area is ready to go. Photo Credit: ARCHIKA.

Brno, Sept. 23 (BD) – Preparations for the redevelopment of the station forecourt are reaching their final stage. Over the course of the year, the architectural study and the implementation documentation have been drawn up, funds have been allocated in the municipal budget, and Brno Communications (Brněnské komunikace) is waiting to be able to sign the contract with the contractor.

“In the area from Masarykova to the Letmo shopping centre, it is planned to raise the existing roadway between the street frontage and the first track of the tram line, almost to the level of the pavement and the track,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková. “The pavement and tram platform will be separated from the road at this point by a 40-centimetre wide raised warning strip for the visually impaired and two rows of cast-iron barrier posts, similar to those in Dominikánské náměstí. As part of the construction, the railings along the north side of the platform will be removed and this part of the street will become a pedestrian zone.” 

Pedestrian areas in the crossing of the tram tracks and the adjacent pavement and roadway areas along the south side of the development, closer to the station building, will be changed. Photo credit: ARCHIKA.

“The roadway in the southern part of the crossing area will be designed with an asphalt concrete overlay,” said the Brno City transport councillor Petr Kratochvíl. “An island will be inserted in the width of the crossing to allow easier crossing and orientation. A crossing point will be created in front of the entrance to the main station building, connecting the pavement and the tram platform. All measures for the elimination of architectural barriers are proposed for the entire scope of the change.” 

The pavement to be repaired currently consists mainly of cement paving. In accordance with architectural requirements, the pavements will be repaved with a large-format granite pavement, eight centimetres thick. In the landscaped area, benches and trellises for existing trees will be added. The implementation date will depend on the availability of the necessary material (granite), which will be provided by the contractor. 

Together with the construction work, the road signs and layout of the entire area will be changed to regulate the number of cars passing through and thus calm the area. Left turns from the viaduct towards the railway station and left turns from the railway station towards Benešova will be prohibited. Left turns will only be allowed for transport services.

The municipal budget has allocated CZK 11.6 million for the implementation of the changes to the station forecourt. The work will be coordinated and partly carried out by Brno Communications.

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