A beautiful shot of a tiger standing in the forest during daytime

Tiger Which Escaped From Ukrainian Zoo Roaming Eastern Slovakia

The tiger is thought to have escaped from a zoo in Ukraine. Photo credit: Freepik (illustrative photo).

Bratislava, Sept 4 (CTK) – A tiger is roaming the area near the village of Ulic in eastern Slovakia, according to reports today in the newspaper Novy cas, citing the local authority which said it had escaped from a zoo in Ukraine.

“We are announcing to you that in the vicinity of the village there is a tiger who escaped from a zoo in Ukraine. We are asking everyone to be vigilant and limit the time they spend outside their homes,” the village authority said on social networks.

“If someone spots the animal, the police or mayor should be contacted,” it added.

The information was confirmed to the Slovak server tvnoviny.sk by mayor Jan Holinka.

“We have received three warning calls from the police. At first it said the tiger was close to the border, later that the animal crossed it, and the latest news said it was going to the area around our village,” Holinka said.

The tiger was captured by a photo trap near the border. The photos indicate that the tiger is quite young.

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