Brno Zoo Lights 69 Candles and Dedicates Anniversary Celebrations To “Adoptive Parents”

The event will take place on Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Photo credit: Brno Zoo

Brno, 25 Aug (BD) – Brno Zoo will celebrate its anniversary on Saturday, 27 August, with a programme themed around thanking ‘adoptive parents’ – all those who have voluntarily chosen to care for some of the animals at the Brno Zoo. This year’s event will feature activities commemorating the famous founder of genetics Gregor Johann Mendel, the inauguration of a dog agility field and a workshop on ‘International Dog Day’. 

“Foster parents are actually one big family, so the zoo regularly celebrates birthdays with them. This day is a thank you for their constant support, both in the form of financial donations and visits to the zoo. Of course, the programme has been prepared for all visitors and I believe it will be a great end to the holiday season,” said Petr Hladík, 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno.

“We are concluding this Mendel-themed summer, and throughout the weekend people will have the last opportunity to ride our Zoo Experience Bus, which has already been visited by several hundred parents with children during the summer. The cryptic part of this game will still be available in the garden area. Since a large proportion of our visitors are dog owners, we will open a new agility course and a part of the programme will be dedicated to them,” said Martin Hovorka, director of Brno Zoo.

More than a dozen feeding sessions and guided meetings with the animals are planned. These will include Kamchatka and polar bears, camels, giraffes and lions. There will be several fun stages referring to the famous scientist and a special trail with questions and challenges for naturalists young and old. In addition to the opening ceremony of the agility trail at 11am, the zoo will mark International Dog Day with demonstrations of the work of rescue dogs from the South Moravian Rescue Association and a workshop on making pet toys.

Participation in the celebration will be free of charge for all those who have contributed to the breeding of any of the animals at Brno Zoo.

The detailed programme is available here.

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