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South Moravian Region To Purchase 20 New Ambulances

20 new ambulances will serve patients in South Moravia. The acquisition was approved last week, on 15 June, at a meeting of the regional council. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, June 22 (BD) – The new vehicles of the South Moravian Region Ambulance Service are intended to ensure fast and high-quality pre-hospital emergency care. They will replace the most worn out and obsolete parts of the fleet. “Some of them are up to 15 years old and have an average of 350,000 kilometres on them. Instead of quick help, they threaten the efficiency of rescuers in situations where every second counts,” said South Morvian Governor Jan Grolich.

The replacements should arrive over the course of this year and next year, and should cost almost CZK 95 million, according to Regional Councillor for Investment, Vladimír Šmerda.

The ambulances will have modern technical equipment. “In the last two years, our paramedics have faced a huge onslaught. We are doing everything we can to help make their work at least a little easier. And quality equipment for interventions is essential. We are constantly refining the requirements according to the real needs on the ground,” said Regional Councillor for Health, Jiří Kasala.

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