Sociological Survey Reveals Czech Citizens’ Perceptions of Brno In 2022

What do people in the Czech Republic think of when they hear the word Brno? What do people know about Brno, and what is their relationship to it? A survey conducted by the City of Brno provides insights into these questions and allows for the identification of changes and trends over time. Photo credit: KB / Brno Daily

Brno, June 7 (BD) – How is Brno perceived in the Czech Republic in 2022? The results of a regular survey conducted since 2009 about the external image of the city provide some answers. The respondents to the sociological survey were a representative group of Czech residents aged over 18. The first wave of the survey was conducted in 2009, followed by others in 2013 and 2017.

Using a four-point scale, respondents are asked to agree or disagree with a set of positive statements about the city’s image (a few statements have been added in more recent waves). A score of 1 indicates agreement and 4 indicates disagreement.

Respondents most often agreed that Brno is a city of universities and colleges (91%), but there was also strong agreement with other statements, with 85-88% of respondents further agreeing that Brno is a modern and progressive city, offers many attractive cultural monuments, has a wide and interesting range of cultural events, is a city of quality architecture, is attractive for university graduates, and is easily accessible by car and by train.

The statements with the lowest level of agreement were that Brno is easy to get around by car (54% agree) and has a good range of housing on offer (49%).

Compared to the 2017 survey, there was an increase in agreement with all of the statements, and most were also better than in 2013.

The largest increases in agreement since 2017 were that Brno has quality social care (+20%), is a senior-friendly city (+19%), and is a city of gastronomy, food and drink (+18%).

Respondents who have lived or studied in Brno, and therefore have some degree of personal experience with the city, report higher agreement with statements related to education, culture, tourism and business, as well as statements related to transport accessibility. Conversely, however, there is less agreement with statements related to health and social care, good life for families with children and the elderly, housing, the environment, recreation, safety or transport around the city.

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