New Beer Brewed To Commemorate Mendel, Founder Of Genetics

The founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, whose 200th birthday will be celebrated in July, will have his own beer. The Moravia brewery, in cooperation with Mendel University (MENDELU), has brewed Mendelbier The first batch is ready and will be in pubs from 27 May throughout the summer season. Photo credit: MendelU

Brno, 27 May (BD) – An interesting feature of the special beer is the addition of atypical rye malt. “It gives the beer a bumpy taste that promotes excellent drinkability. Mendel is famous for crossing peas, and we mimic his scientific work by combining different types of malt,” said Tomáš Gregor from the Department of Food Technology at the MENDELU Faculty of Agriculture, who supervised the recipe. 

“The network of our graduates is relatively wide in this sense. Our graduates are also in Moravia, so we agreed to cooperate. While in recent years Mendelbier has been produced rather occasionally for festive occasions, this year it will be available throughout the summer. It is interesting that Mendel made his epoch-making discoveries right next to the former monastery brewery in Old Brno. This is an inspiration for us,” said MENDELU spokesman and brewery historian Filip Vrána.

Moravian brewer Martin Hrubeš used Pilsner, caramunich and rye malt. “When brewing this lager, we used the Czech hops Premiant and Žatecký poloraný červeňák. The bitterness at Mendelbier reaches thirty units on the IBU scale, which is a balanced and rather bitter beer,” says Martin Hrubeš, chief brewer at Moravia and Lucky Bastard. “We are glad that the breadcrumb taste and the right choice of bitterness from proven Czech hops have gone down well with our customers,” added Hrubeš.

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