Negotiations To Begin On The Future of Nemocnice Milosrdných bratří

In the coming weeks, a number of round table discussions will take place on the main topic of the future of the Brno healthcare system, and the possible future of Nemocnice Milosrdných bratří (“Hospital of the Merciful Brothers”). Brno City Council will discuss the future operation of the hospital at its meeting at the end of June. Photo credit:

Brno, 26 April (BD) – “The first meeting of the healthcare working group with the representatives of the convention will take place on Tuesday, April 26,” said Petr Hladík, First Deputy Mayor of Brno. “The topic of the meeting will be the Brno healthcare system. One week later, on Tuesday, May 3, we will meet again at a round table meeting to discuss the legal aspects of the transfer of the hospital. This will be followed by a debate on the vision of the city’s new hospital, which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18. To this end, we are also planning a public debate with health experts at the turn of May and June. In mid-June, a large round table will be held with the participation of the Merciful Brothers Convention and the director of the city hospitals. All these meetings are open to the public and the media.” 

The situation is complicated by the complex property rights which apply to the area. “Our primary goal is to ensure the operation of this medical facility to the extent and quality as it operates today. Given the complexity of the matter, it will be necessary to discuss the future form of the hospital’s operation in detail, with regard to city-wide and regional healthcare,” added Hladík.

The healthcare working group is composed of representatives of the Brno City Council, the Brno City Assembly, the director of the city hospitals and the Merciful Brothers Convention.

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