Foreigners Share Chlebíčky Recipes and Their Own Stories With The “Join The Table” Campaign

People will get to know the unconventional concept of traditional Czech “chlebíčky”, but also how foreigners actually live in Brno, in the original Join the Table campaign by NESEHNUTÍ. Photo credit: Join the Table

Brno, April 26 (BD) – In total, 12 expats from different parts of the world will take to social media to share their favourite places in Brno, their thoughts on migration and the coexistence of people of different nationalities, as well as recipes for chlebíčky [traditional Czech open sandwiches] inspired by their homeland, as part of the Join the Table campaign by NESEHNUTÍ.

Posts by the participants are gradually appearing on Kulinárna Brno’s Instagram page. “All those involved and participating will be given space three times. In the first post they will present their favourite place in Brno, in the second their own recipe for chlebíčky, and in the third they will share their current thoughts concerning local communities or relations between people of different nationalities,” says NESEHNUTÍ spokesperson Marek Hadrbolec.

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Chlebíčky recipes proposed on Instagram: the first is a Moroccan appetizer by Brahim, the second one is a fusion of Czech and Ukrainian specialties by Ana, and the last one is by Ana from Dominican Republic. Photo credit: Instagram Join the Table

The project will culminate in a joint meeting of all the participants, which will include not only a tasting of the various chlebíčky but also the presentation of a digital cookbook which will feature some original chlebíčky in addition to various foreign recipes. The free publication will also include the stories of some of Brno’s new arrivals. “In the cookbook, alongside distinctive recipes such as Ukrainian chlebíčky with marinated mushrooms or Tanzanian ones with avocado, you will find interesting texts covering various aspects of migration,” Hadrbolec adds.

The aim of the Join the Table initiative is to disseminate basic information about migration among foreigners in Brno and to raise awareness of foreigners living in Brno. “We encourage young newcomers to share their life stories and create content together with us that will combat stereotypes and promote mutual tolerance.” explains Join the Table campaign coordinator Nilza Mafla.

NESEHNUTÍ has been supporting Brno’s newcomers for a long time and the Join the Table campaign is not the first gastronomic initiative that the organisation has prepared involving people from various countries. Community evenings have been held for several years under the name Kulinárna, focusing on cooking dishes together from the various different home countries of people coming to Brno. 

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