Brno City Police Find Lost Easter Lamb and Rescue Ducklings Stuck In a Sewer

The symbol of the lamb is inextricably linked with Easter. Nonetheless, Brno police officers were not expecting to come across one on Saturday afternoon in Brno-Komín. During their patrol, a random passer-by alerted them to the unattended, scared animal with no owner in sight. Photo credit:

Brno, 19 April (BD) –  With the help of an animal catcher, the officers managed to catch the escaped lamb, wrap it in a blanket and take it to the shelter. Fortunately, officers were able to locate the lamb’s owner, and contacted him soon after. It wasn’t long before he came to the shelter to pick the lamb up.

Also in need of police assistance over the Easter weekend were some ducklings, which got trapped about a metre down a sewer shaft on Uhelná. After being called by attentive passers-by, the police managed to safely remove all three of the tiny ducklings from the sewer using a catching rod. After a short trip to a nearby river, the ducklings were released.

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