Drunk Man On Tram Had Almost Six Per Mille Blood Alcohol Content

At the tram loop in Pisárky on Tuesday afternoon, a tram driver asked passengers to remove a man from the tram who was clearly under the influence of alcohol. The man was unable to stay on his feet for even a moment without significant support from both sides, and as soon as he was removed from the tram, he laid down on the ground. Photo credit: mpb.cz

Brno, 7 April (BD) – After a phone call to 156, the police arrived at the scene. Although the man didn’t notice their presence at all when they sat him down, he managed to take a breathalyser test, recording an extreme value of 5.83 per mille, almost double the amount required for alcohol poisoning. The 46-year-old was handed over to paramedics by police and an ambulance took him to hospital. 

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