City of Brno Provides Vesna With Premises For Ukrainian Preschool Children

Ensuring access to education for Ukrainian children who fled here before the war with their relatives is one of the key steps for their integration and uninterrupted development. This includes children of all ages, including preschool children. The City of Brno has provided premises to the Vesna Women’s Educational Institute to help establish classes for this age-group. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, 29 March (BD) – “Vesna has naturally mushroomed as a support organisation for Ukrainian refugees in the last month, a place where the supply and demand of aid meet,” said the mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS). “Thanks to the enthusiasm of the organisers and the selfless help of many volunteers and donors, we have managed to create a functional space where not only material things such as clothes or household equipment are provided, but also necessary information. I have full confidence that the children’s groups will also work efficiently in this way, and to the satisfaction of all participants.” 

The city handed over the premises at Údolní 10 for use by the Vesna Institute. As well as children’s groups and possibly other educational activities, such as therapy support, Vesna intends to work with teachers, therapists and speech therapists who fled Ukraine. “The Vesna Women’s Educational Association has a tradition of more than 150 years and we are glad to be able to help revive it,” said Jiří Oliva (CSSD), Deputy Mayor of Brno for Property. “Thanks to the efforts of Kamila Zlatušková in particular, Vesna has come to life again. Among the key people who took part in this initiative, I would also like to name Magda Vašáryová, the chair of the Slovak sister association Živena, who has recently sat on the board of the renewed Vesna. Now the association is intensively dedicated to helping Ukrainian children.”

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