South Moravian Region Will Financially Support The LIFE Sub-Pannonic Project

Two days ago, on 23 March, the South Moravian Assembly approved CZK 400,000 funding to the association ZO ČSOP ONYX Brno for the environmental project LIFE Sub-pannonic. The project focuses on improving the status and further protection of threatened plant species and so-called sites of European importance within the Natura 2000 system. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, March 25 (BD) – “The association carries out important work in the maintenance of natural sites of European importance in our region,” said Lukáš Dubec, Deputy Governor for the Environment. “It participates in environmental education and contributes to the protection of the environment through its activities. The funds provided will be used for the removal of unwanted bushes at Bílý kopec u Čejče, Hochberk, Ječmeniště, Kamenný vrch u Kurdějov, and Přední kout, as wel as socio-economic research and project impact studies, workshops and field trips to the sites,” 

The project was launched in September 2018 and will protect a total of 28 protected areas in South Moravia and Slovakia, as well as several rare plant species, until the end of 2024. The work is coordinated by the Bratislava Regional Conservation Association and the ONYX Association is the project partner for the Czech part, in cooperation with the South Moravian Region.

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